Best Smart Switches for your daily life

Orshel Smart Switches enhances your interior and brings a sense of technological advancement within your house.

Orshel curved smart switch

Choose the finest for you and your family

Orshel offers a wide range of models, from which you can select the best that suits your lifestyle.

Orshel smart thermostat

Own the best at Affordable prices

Products are designed and categorized to best suite all classes of society, keeping intact the product quality and functionality.

Orshel curved smart switch

Enhancing and redefining Luxury

Orshel offers specially designed Luxury products to enhance the comfort level of our Luxury customers.

Orshel piano smart switch

Total Control from anywhere in the world

They give you total control over when to turn on or off from anywhere in the world and hence will help save electricity.

Why Orshel Smart Switches are the Best

Orshel provides a perfect blend of superior Technology, eye-catching Aesthetics and Comfort to the level desired by the customer.

Easy Installation

Needs no additional wiring. Just Plug and Play.


We offer the most affordable prices in the market.

Spares Availability

Spares easily available beyond warranty period.

Wide Choise

We offer a wide range of models & colors to suit your interior.

About the Product

Orshel smart switches and sensors does all the functions of a traditional switch and can do a lot more.

  • Superior Built Quality

    High Quality material used in manufacture of Orshel products.

  • Smart Home Schedules

    Take advantage of timers and schedules. Conveniently set up timers using the app or voice controls

  • Automate and operate remotely

    Total control over operation from anywhere in the world. Thus, preventing loss of energy.

  • One App Control

    Enjoy seamless integration across multiple systems. You do not need to switch between several apps.

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Attractive Features

You don’t need to be a smart home expert to use our products. Now everyone at home can easily enjoy all the benefits of living in a smart home. That’s the value of having a touchscreen on your wall and smart lighting.

Highly Customizable

From routine schedules to custom scenes and system notifications, you can customize your system just the way you want it.

Smart Home rules

Set defined actions based on predefined event triggers in your home

Share Control

Share control with other trustworthy people via app.

Voice Control

Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri. Create commands in your own words and your device will obey.

Orshel curved smart switch

Virtual personal Assistant

Compatible with voice command platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri

Geo Fence Reminders

Leaving home and not sure about something? No Worries, Orshel will remind you.

Neat & Quick Install

No Drilling, No complex wiring


Carries a minimum 2-years warranty. Extended warranty can be availed at a nominal amount. Spares easily available.

Why Choose Us

We envision a world where all human beings has access to our intelligent cloud-based server through which he can control all his beloved devices from any part of the world at a single click of his finger.

In short - to simplify and optimize life processes of people.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
No compromise on Quality and Security
Recognized as Start-up Company by DIPP - Govt. of India
We provide in-depth operational training to the end users
Regular software updates and support provided
Extensive Research & Development in IoT Technology
Best Procurement and Logistics Management – Helped us in reducing cost and offering most affordable prices in the market.
Modular by Design - Start with any of our packages and add-on as your budget permits

More variants of Orshel Smart Switches

They come in multi color options and are available in all models in three categories - Premium, Prestige, and Luxury.

Orshel 30Amp smart switch

30Amp Power Switch

Power : 30A (<= 4400W)
Buttons : 1

Orshel smart scene switch

Scene Switch

Custom settings,scense & scenario linkage
Click, double-tap, long press
Buttons : 4

Orshel smart curtain switch

Curtain Switch

AC positive and reverse rotation mototpower <=200W
Buttons : 2/4 (1 curtain/2 curtains)

Orshel smart dimmer switch

Fan/Light Dimmer

Power : <= 400W
Buttons : 3 (On/Off, Increase, Decrease)

Orshel smart gate/garage switch

Gate/Garage Switch

Motor Wires : Green, Yellow, White, Red
DC/COM Volt : 9V to 30V
Buttons : 3 (Open,Close and Pause)

Orshel smart portable switch

Portable Scene Switch

Two coin cell batteries
Custom settings,scense & scenario linkage
Click, double-tap, long press
Control Buttons : 4

Orshel smart touch screen switch

Control Panel With Zigbee

Port : RJ45
Power : 200W/Circuit
Protocol : BLE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee
OS : Android

Orshel Smart Thermostat

Central AC Thermostat

Control : Heat/Cool
Fan : 3 Speed
Load : 3Amp for valve, 5Amp for fan

Orshel Smart Switch Parameters

Communication protocol: Wi-Fi, Zigbee
Input voltage: 100-260V AC 50 / 60HZ
Load power: 800/gang
Control mode: Al Voice / Mobile APP / Manual Button Control
Wireless power consumption : <=0.3W
Working humidity: 80%
Working temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C
Front panel material: Curved tempered glass/Aluminum alloy/ABS plastic
Shell material: PC flame retardant material
Product size: 86*86*34mm

Our Other Awesome Products

Orshel has a wide range of products – such as Smart switches, dimmers, regulators, sensors, etc. Based on quality, features and cost these are broadly categorized as Premium, Prestige and Luxury products.

* Price depends on quantity and order type.

Orshel smart PIR motion sensor

PIR Smart Human Motion Sensor

₹ 1490 - ₹ 1990 *

Orshel smart door/window sensor

Orshel Smart Door & Window Sensor

₹ 1320 - ₹ 1750 *

Orshel smart vibration sensor

Orshel Smart Vibration Sensor

₹ 1900 - ₹ 2690 *

Orshel smart video door bell

Orshel Smart Video Door Bell

₹ 6650 - ₹ 7750 *

Orshel smart video door bell

Orshel Smart Water Proof Video Door Bell

₹ ₹ 6900 - ₹ 7900 *

Orshel smart IR blaster

Orshel Smart IR & RF Remote Controller

₹ 2180 - ₹ 2850 *

Orshel smart RGB Controller

Orshel Smart RGBW Controller

₹ 1160 - ₹ 1490 *

Orshel Zigbee wired gateway

Orshel Smart Zigbee Wired Gateway

₹ 3680 - ₹ 4450 *

Orshel Zigbee wireless gateway

Orshel Smart Zigbee Wireless Gateway

₹ 2480 - ₹ 3250 *

Orshel smart brightness sensor

Orshel Smart Brightness/Light Sensor

₹ 2250 - ₹ 2850

Orshel smart pixel led controller

Orshel Smart RGBIC/Pixel Led Controller

₹ 1320 - ₹ 1750 *

Orshel smart valve manipulator

Orshel Smart Valve Manipulator

₹ 2850 - ₹ 3690 *

Orshel smart alarm system

Orshel Smarty Alarm System

₹ 4900 - ₹ 6450 *

Our Clients Say

At Orshel we believe importance and necessity of the customer’s happiness is over everything. We make sure that every sales transaction closes-up with a huge customer satisfaction!

Orshel testimonial

"We were looking for an affordable Smart switches supplier to replace the existing vendor. We found Orshel through one of the Social Media feeds. Our requirements were very well handled by their qualified staffs and delivery was done on time. We are greatly satisfied with Orshel and are looking forward to continue business with them.“

- Anand V,

Orshel Testimonial

“I am building my dream house at Kozhikode. As I am from a technology background, I wished my house to be a technological wonder. I approached several vendors, but none were as impressive as Orshel. They installed various smart devices to make my house truly a tech-wonder. I am very happy with Orshel’s service and will definitely recommend them to others.“

- Abdul Khader

Asked Questions

Here are few common questions in the mind of our prospective customers

A 'Smart Home' is a residence where Internet of Thing (IoT) based Home Automation solution is used to control home appliances through Smart Devices from anywhere (irrespective of the owner being at home or away from home).

Key benefits of home automation are:

  • Convenience of connecting and controlling your home appliances from anywhere.
  • Monitoring your electricity consumption pattern appliance wise or room wise to save electricity.
  • Pre-schedule operation time of your critical appliance at your convenience.
  • Alert notification in case of any deviation.

Yes, it is waterproof. IP67.

Yes, on commercial orders we offer discounted prices on various MoQ slabs. For more details you may contact our sales team @ +91 8045248484, +91 8089162414.

Orshel devices are specially designed to counter all voltage fluctuation caused by lightning or other means.

Orshel is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified company. This endorses our commitment to provide high quality and durable products to our esteemed customers. Also, we are open to receive suggestions from end users regarding improvements in quality and usability.

There is no limit of users for controlling a particular device. The First User or Administrator can share control or access of the entire network of devices or selected devices to his or her family members as per their choice.

If you need to operate the devices remotely through the app you need Wi-Fi with internet at home. But when you are at home and don't have internet, you can still control the devices using app through Wi-Fi of the router or Bluetooth.

Manual operation of the switches will work always. It’s not depending on Wi-Fi or Internet.

You can get Orshel smart switches installed by a good electrician. We can support online through our 24/7 customer support.

If you desire Orshel trained experts to install it for you, it will be on a chargeable basis.

It will take same time as usual as fixing a conventional electro-mechanical switch. And 2-5 minutes for configuring the Orshel Smart switch through mobile app.

It is up to you. You can make your home smart partially or fully. You can make your select appliances or switch board or room smart as per your choice.

Our devices can be installed at both pre-construction and post-construction stages. But ideal time would be when the electrical wiring is being done.

Of course, it will. Nowadays it’s a trending concept to automate everything around you with the smartest technology available. Smart home not only improves the security and aesthetics of your house, but also brings in a sense of pride to own such technology. It certainly adds value to your life without the need to spend much.

Orshel Smart devices are available in 2 different technologies.

  1. Wi-Fi Devices, which are based on Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz communication technology. It will connect directly your home Wi-Fi network. No additional devices are required.

  2. Zigbee Devices, which uses Zigbee communication protocol. You need to buy and connect a Zigbee gate way to your existing Wi-Fi router, and it will create a Zigbee network at your home and all the smart devices will be connected to that Zigbee gate way.

You may use the following option,

  • Call us on +91 8045248484, +91 8089162414
  • Email at

You have the following options, 1. Bank Transfer 2. Cheque

Yes, we have recently commenced our services in Malaysia through Orshel distributor.

Its easy. We offer dealership opportunity for reputable and proven firms. Please contact our sales team @ +91 8045248484, +91 8089162414 for more information.

All Orshel Smart Home switches comes with a 2 years warranty.

The warranty for all products shall be valid subject to:

  • If the product is not altered, damaged, dismantled or rectified.
  • The guideline is properly followed while installation and usage.
  • If the product is not burnt out due to loose connection/improper wiring and overload (load was more than the product rating).

Note: Detailed warranty policy is provided along with the product.

Yes, Orshel Smart Home devices are compatible. You can control Orshel Smart Home devices using Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home and Apple Siri over voice.

It is most cost-effective solution available in the market. Orshel Smart Home offers advanced, premium technology solution at the most affordable price compared to other premium brands available in the market. Expected price range is around ₹40K for 2BHK home.

Not at all, you can control Orshel Smart Switches manually by touch/push button, through Alexa & Google Home over voice and remotely through mobile app.

It has manual ON/OFF switch button with ON/OFF LED indication to take care of kid & old aged family members.

Orshel Smart Home is a value-added asset because of the following factors:

  • Most cost effective / competitive price.
  • Energy monitoring feature makes you aware of the Energy saving using PIR motion and door sensors.
  • Orshel sensors such as vibration sensor, gas detection, fire detection, door sensor, motion sensor etc., will enhances the home security. Advanced functional features like
    • Alexa / Google Home voice control.
    • Automation through Scheduled time and Scene based operation.
    • Modular and easy to use.
    • Authorization based control.
    • Overload feature.
  • Nowadays, Home Automation is considered as a Value-Added feature or lifestyle symbol for luxury residential building projects.

There is no need for special electrical wiring in case of Orshel Smart products. A good electrician can easily install Orshel Smart Switches in place of traditional electro-mechanical switch.

You can save energy by,

  • Close monitoring of electricity consumption pattern at appliance or room or home level.
  • Tracking percentage consumption against set threshold value and projection for current month electricity consumption.
  • Avoiding wastage of electricity when you are not at room through EZ HOME mobile app.
  • Set temperature of room air conditioner or fan speed remotely according to your comfort.
  • Predictive maintenance of your electricity intensive appliances.

Orshel provides PCB and other spares which can be ordered online. Also, you will get spares and services from Orshel dealers. Please contact us to get more details.

You can upgrade existing or older home to smart by Orshel Smart Home devices, because all smart switches or devices are modular and easy to install. It will either add Orshel device in circuit with existing electro-mechanical switch inside switch board or replace existing electro-mechanical switch with Orshel Smart switch.

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